Review – COLD BEER "FOAMY" Goggle

X Brands clearly has the flair for fun, flashy and functionality. These optics are no exception. I have to admit of all the new gear I was planning on reviewing this season this might already be my favorite, X Brands BEER goggles. Most juvenile males have used…missed used there own once or twice. These Foamy BEER goggles are great, enjoy.
The Cold BEER Foamy goggle was designed to combat rugged extreme cold, and blizzard conditions while still having 100% UVA protection for those sunny spring days.“EVERY THING LOOKS BETTER THROUGH BEER OPTICS!”
  Pliable “Polyflex” urethane frame material contours to your face for the ultimate in comfort and protection.
  The “GOX” frame is equipped with the highest quality, Polycarbonate, shatter resistant anti-scratch & anti-fog coated lens available. It has 100% UVA protection and it is the leader in lens attributes and function.

  The “ICE COLD BEER” frame is equipped with the highest quality, Polycarbonate, chatter resistant, anti-scratch & anti-fog coated, dual pane, and vented lens available.
  BEER Optics lenses are available in a variety of colors and tints.

  “Hydrophilic” EO1-5 two layer, fleece lined face-foam forms to the face with an amazing seal and moisture wicking comfort.
  17mm thick, 4-layer face-foam is backed with a moisture wicking fleece lining providing the best anti drip, sweat protection available.

Adjustable double buckle woven strap is silicone backed for excellent placement and hold.

The Good:
Exceptional materials High quality lens foam contorts to face nicely. Very good vision range all around. No slip, excellent grip from the strap on your helmet.
The Bad:
Could have come with a true microfiber bag and the strap on an XL DOT full face is a little tight.
Overall Review:
The fit and finish are great. Tested in both cold and warm weather has great results with fogging control. Switching between lenses is easy with a few spare minutes. It’s hard not to have fun with these goggles, you will get asked about them on the lift line. And feel open to inserting any memories of your own personal beer goggle experience. You will have fun building new memories with these BEER goggles.  

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