Review – Royal Racing Stage2 Jersey and Shorts

Royal Racing takes a new direction in fit and function, does it work? Taken from their site; “Specifically tailored for a ‘flap free’ slim, but not too slim, loose, but not too loose, ‘just right fit’.”I also was able to test their Altitude jersey. Out of the box I wasn’t disappointed in the styling of any of these products.

The fit was definitely different and first reaction was a bit of concern. Full discloser, my dimensions are 6 feet tall medium/large build 34 pant with 32 inseam and 215 lbs. Typical sizing choice with this category would be XL tops and 36/XL short. So I ordered and received XL tops and XL bottoms. 
The Stage 2 short with liner have a great fit and with the adjustable waist band you can customize the comfort level very easily. The length of these shorts did come below my knee cap. Before hitting the trail I was concerned my knees might get caught on the shorts and tug on the tops of the shorts. 
The Stage 2 jersey as advertised fit slim but not tight. So if you are looking to look like the glory days of downhill and Shaun Palmer this won’t make your day. 
After getting out on the trail, I did a little bit of everything. I pedaled my way into the woods and found a nice spot to session for awhile. Then push up to the hill top and hit up Boston Hill DH line and finished with more great Northeast cross country riding. 
When all was finished, the Stage 2 jersey and short combo was a pleasure to test out. The slim fit top was transparent, which I noticed the most while shuttling backup to the top and not getting caught open on anything. The short/zero cuff on the jersey is also a notable trait with adding a feeling of complete comfort in the sleeves. The Stage 2 shorts complimented the kit nicely. Never did I feel any discomfort in the length of the shorts. Additionally the generous pockets and zippers were fantastic. 
Stage 2 Jersey $59.95
Stage 2 Shorts $109.95
Altitude Shirt  $39.95
Royal Racing’s Stage 2 offerings may be intended for the Enduro racer, but downhill, shuttler or cross country weekend warrior will find great value and comfort in this great combo. 

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