2016 VITTORIA Diamond Hill Enduro ESC #1


2016 VITTORIA Diamond Hill Enduro ESC #1

This is my account and review of a great day of racing. I had a blast in my first Enduro. Stage 1 was a great combo of Moab style rock and wrap around granite ledges. A very difficult section with roots and mud that was taking people out left and right. I underestimated the pedaling section of Stage 2 and thought I would be able to make up the difference on the remaining DH sections. If knowledge is power I will be lethal at the next event. Here on Stage three, which is called Rhody-O, is about as fun of a run as it gets. Basically around a minute and change long, it contains multiple drops/step-downs a few good berms and a rock wall ride.

Stage 4 was a beast. It had choices of lines in multiple spots and a great mix of rock rollers and flow sections. This section had a little bit of pedaling too so you had to be on your game. About half way down you cross over an access road and the trail changed to mud and big rocks. Oh, tons of mud. I flatted about 20 feet from the chip out location. Almost lost my life to the black flies changing my tube out. 
Stage 5 is a highlight reel. Again, multiple rock step downs with man made features. A few big rock rollers and an amazing spot for spectators to cheer on riders. 
After finishing Stage 5 we crossed back over the main road. I unloaded all my extra gear and began the long Fox Hill Climb to the beginning of Stage 6. This Stage was very different as far terrain goes. White quartz with all of its sparkling jagged edges ready to end your race day with a bang. But it was the last stage and I was ready to let it fly. There was a nice section of rock gardens and narrow shoots that give you an old fashion tire buzz if you weren’t careful. This stage again was great spot for family and friends to cheer you on to the finish. 
I unpacked all my gear and found a big smile on my face. Me and bike are in one piece. Beer goggles worked great and now I know why we all have dropper posts. Loved it. See you next year Diamond Hill. 

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