Review – Vee Tire Company’s Flow and Trail Taker tires.

This will be my first season riding Vee Tires and have a little over a hundred miles on these tires so far. Plenty of riding season to go but I felt I would share a few early thoughts. 
Setup on the front of the Pivot Mach 6 are the Trail Taker 27.5 x 2.4 Tackee Synthesis tire. On the back wheel is the Flow 27.5 x 2.40 Tackee Synthesis tire. First, the 2.40 size does a nice job filling up the space available on this bike. Which translates to a nice contact patch on the ground. I did have to play around as usual with air pressure. These tires get very round quickly with air pressure. I was running tubes early on but couldn’t keep the pressure high enough to not get pinch flats so I did go tubeless with them and found a nice balance. I should point out I weigh a tick over 200lbs. Front tubeless 21-22psi and the rear 22-23psi. The combo gave a nice feel on the XC rides and I felt like the wheels rolled well. 
I did change my setup during a full day at Highland Bike Park. I swapped out the Trail Taker with another Flow with the same air pressure setup as before. This was a great setup now having the front tire with the great square edged side knobs. 
I have stayed with the dual Flows tires for now and have liked the combo for both XC and Park riding. 
Next up for review are the Flow Rumba tire. Which has a look similar to the Flow with bigger knobs, should serve well on the rough downhill stuff. 
This tire was made to get you through the thick stuff. The aggressive tread depth allows for excellent traction with low rolling resistance, giving you the ability to power through whatever you run into.
Tackee Compound 48 A, DCC Compound 56 A/48 A
Tire Casing:
185 TPI, 120 TPI
Folding Bead
Recommended pressure:
22.5-50PSI (1.6-3.5bar)
29X2.20 (Weight: 660) $54.90
27.5X2.40 (Weight: 1210) $59.90-$62.90
27.5X2.25 (Weight: 720) $54.90-$59.90
Available in:
29×2.20 (DCC) Tubeless Ready, Synthesis
27.5×2.40 (Tackee/2 ply) TL Ready, Gravity Core, Synthesis
27.5×2.40 (Tackee) Tubeless Ready, Synthesis
27.5×2.25 (DCC) Tubeless Ready, Synthesis
27.5×2.25 (DCC)

This tire was designed to put gravity on your side for superior traction and control. Its specialty cross-slotted knobs stick to the trail while two different style cornering knobs give you added control and turning capabilities.
Tackee Compound 48 A
Tire Casing:
120 TPI
Folding Bead
Recommended pressure:
22.5-50PSI (1.6-3.5bar)
27.5X2.40 (Weight:830) $59.90
26X2.50 (Weight:1230) $59.90-$62.90
26×2.35 (Weight:1230) $59.90
Available in:
27.5×2.40 (Tackee) Tubeless Ready, Synthesis
26×2.50 (Tackee/2 ply) Tubeless Ready, Gravity Core,Synthesis
26×2.50 (Tackee) Tubeless Ready, Synthesis

26×2.35 (Tackee) Tubeless Ready, Synthesis

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