Review – Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy & Pre-Workout

First, I have to qualify this review. I am not a medical expert or Nutritionist. What I am is an athlete that has worked out and trained for most of my adult life and have used supplements for many years. 
So, starting with of course the Pre-Workout powder. 1 scoop in 8oz of cool water mixes good. Depending on how you like to take your pre-workout it may settle a bit. I tend to drink a third to a half right out front 15-20 mins before my workout. Then I finish the rest within the first 5-10 minutes of my workout. So, I expect to have to shake it ups couple times. I don’t experience a huge Beta-Alanine skin crawling effect like I have with other products. With a good pre-workout supplement like this is I feel a good smooth delivery of energy throughout my workout and the ability to push through the hard sets. When riding I feel it helps in the first few miles when my muscles normal reaction would be to tense up before they are fully warmed up. Again, giving a good even flow of energy for my ride. 
After most hard workouts or rides I muscle soreness and can have the feeling lack of energy. I have found great gains with the BCAA Energy. When I have the chance to workout or ride on back to back days this type of recovery is key. 2 scoops into 8oz of cool water mixes very well and stays that way. I prefer closer to 12-16oz with 2 scoops. Very easy to consume with little if any spike/zing of caffeine. 
Taste…. as a kid I always loved creamsicles so Orange Dream was my first choice. The taste profile between the two are very similar and the taste is good. I will admit its not a creamsicle. 
Overall I liked this product combo for daily use and would recommend to anyone workout multiple times a week and would like to get more out of their workouts and rides. 

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