Article – Fat Bike or Not?

Do you remember the winter in New England in 2015? I remember mid January no snow and decent weather enough to keep heading out on the weekends. Then the snow came and riding was over.

But just for me, plenty guys were still riding but they had switch over to their Fat bikes. Enjoying all the nonstop powder that fell for a few months. I would love to keep the miles moving under me while pedaling but committing to another bike and setup. Until now I thought Fat bikes were just another wheel size and a personal choice verse maybe a choice of function.
That spring got a chance to ride two very different Fat bikes Aarne’s Rocky Mountain Blizzard and Matt’s Custom full ridged setup. Both different from each other but both offering a ton grip in places and ways not available to a 2.4 sized tire.
So a few winters later I am still here wishing I had a way to get out, but is it worth it? Will I ever grab the Fat bike in the summer time and think its the so fun? I have thought the 27.5 plus bike which almost makes sense. But then will I still be thinking a Fat bike might better?


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