The base line for this product need and review is as follows. Staying with a 1X10 speed configuration and moving to a wide range configuration that equals a typical 1×11 speed config. Current this bike is setup with a 30t front and 11-36t in the rear.

The other goal here is climbing ability. So I did two things here with this test. As I wanted to gain a climb gear with the 42t I also wanted to make some gains in the other gears with more speed. So I changed the chainring from the 30t a 32t.

Installation was very easy with the included instructions and to be honest the whole process makes sense. Remove the rear cog set and cleaned the freehub. Installed the E*Thirteen 42t cog and begin remounting the SRAM PG-1050 cassette. I choose to remove the 15t figuring if I was shifting down that far in gear I most likely would be on a fast fire road or downhill and could afford the jump. I did install a new SRAM PC-1071 chain and the included extra long B-Limit screw. There was a need to adjust the cable tension a bit and fine tune the B-Limit but over all a very easy and quick install.

Initial impressions very good, with consistent shifting with little if any noise added while pedaling. After come trail time and heavy dose of climbing of different types I am very pleased with the change. The change to the chainring to a 32t has made for a great long climbing gear matched with the 36t and when needed the 32t – 42t is amazing. One of the surprises was while in that gear I was able to make the short steep obstacles  and still have enough drive to get over some the big square edge rocks without dying out no more pedal like before. For the suggested price of $69.95, if you have a 10 speed this is a great upgrade that you will see and feel a difference with instantly.

Thumbs up.


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