Article – What type of riding will it be today?

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All Mountain





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Just go ride your bike.

Listening to my new favorite bicycle podcast, they do a good job of not squashing any one type of riding, except maybe cyclocross. So many types of riding and even more choices of different bikes. Generalizing, of course, when I say most of us have a bike, maybe two if we are serious about biking, and a few more if we are addicts. But listening to a few conversations about bike reviews of the latest Jekyll: a mini DH bike, enduro killer, an awful trail bike and in no way would you want to ride XC with this bike, got me thinking.

What are talking about?

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 9.55.15 PM

We can separate a few disciplines without much discussion. BMX, dirt jumping and road. We could debate BMX a little so I will clarify that I am referring to racing and would allow without opposition 4X as a similar discipline.


I’d be willing to discuss DH as something pretty specific as long as we are talking about World Cup riders riding WC tracks. But if you are one of the mere mortals of this world and your last name isn’t Rude or Hill most DH trails can be ridden both with a DH bike and a six inch trail bike(exceptions apply here). Also, there are the few brave souls that will ride their hardtails on the same trail. First time I ever rode a bike park on a whim I did it on a four inch trail bike and loved it.

Enduro. I have seen it all roll down the hill so I would never disagree with someones choice to bring whatever is in their quiver. Fat, plus, hardtail and suspension of varying elevation. With the uphill transfers if you can get to the top fresher then someone else, more times then not maybe a short travel bike works maybe a 165mm monster can simply plow through everything who knows.


Maybe I am missing something here but, are we using the term All-Mountain any more? Is that Enduro now or is it trail. Maybe I’ll check Twitter and Instagram for the trending term. But seriously, All Mountain, Trail and XC aren’t these moving a bike through the woods while pedaling on trails and going up and down hills? How did we get to this point of saying and believing that one bike with round wheels can’t do without a doubt what another bike can do. Isn’t this a perfect example of love what you ride and ride what you love? Why should I second guess my Pivot Mach 6 Carbon while pedaling through the woods and enjoying it and the other side of coin loving the same bike when I am plowing through some untamed downhill chunder. How could this not be a great all around choice? The alternative is believing I don’t have the right bike and I need to have a quiver full of different bikes because you certainly can’t do everything on one bike.

Article - Evolution of a passion.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I love what I ride and ride what I love. That’s my advice to anyone wondering what their next bike or first bike should be. Find something you are into and love, buy that bike and ride the hell out of it.

Just go ride your bike.



4 thoughts on “Article – What type of riding will it be today?

  1. I spent a full year demo-ing bikes for my first full squish going back and forth with travel and during that time I purchased a 6 year old could spring single pivot bike..for the most part I hated it with exception to trips to the park, where it really shined. Anyway I had a price point for a new bike and that price point meant any bike I was to purchase was going to be sick, it all boiled down to best fit and travel. I eventually decided on more then my current skill set warrants but at 150mm front and rear I noticed no struggle with climbs. Overall I think it performed excellent, and I truly want to grow into the capabilities this bike has. Most things are just marketing gimmicks with all the separate disciplines, most of us aren’t pro, most of us want a release after work and to enjoy a beer with a friend.
    I’ve got my squish, my fatbike and my single speed..why three choices? Just because I can and they’re all so completely different and fun!

    Good article.


    1. “I truly want to grow into the capabilities this bike has.” You bring up a great point Aarne. I can say I do find myself believing in the bike at times more then myself. That bike has ability for days over me, and that is one of the points here. Bikes right now overall are made so good, the chore here is finding something that fits and you love. Another point you bring up is the ability to demo a bike beyond the parking lot. That is something the bike shops have and need to expand on. With the direct to consumer model growing shop will need to build on there uniqueness to put a bike in your hands to try and give back when you don’t like it. Thanks Aarne.


  2. Good write-up, airtym. You raised a good question regarding All-Mountain vs. Enduro vs. XC.

    For the “casuals” out there..and I mean people who aren’t racing biweekly or even monthly, is there really a tangible difference to guys (and girls) that just want to get out and boot around their favorite local spot(s)? As Aarne mentioned, if it fits and feels right who cares what the guys at the marketing roundtable care. Ride what you like, just keep pedaling!


    1. Agreed, we can discuss and debate almost everything but in the end just simply getting out and ridding is what matters. Oh, my kids are important too but and my wife is awesome but we are talking about bikes!


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