Review – Bell Full 9

This is a mid term(three months) review of the Bell Full 9 carbon helmet. I opted for the matte black in size large. I used the sizing chart they supplied and measure my dome out to be 23″. Upon receiving the helmet I found it was tight and hurt my head almost instantly. I sent the large back for a extra large and the fit was almost perfect. I do have a an egg shaped skull and find the helmet still a little tight getting into the helmet. The liner wants to rotate out of the helmet if I’m not careful. After my first ride with the helmet on my head made a perfect home in this helmet.

At a msrp of $400 you expect a high functioning and high end looking product. The Full – 9 delivers on looks all day long.

With googles in place there is nothing to limit visibility. Plenty of room to move them around and find the viable sweet spot.

The removable magnetic cheek pads are great for easy removal if you wanted to hand wash or replace. They sell 35mm and 45mm cheek pads thicknesses.

The built in GoPro mount is great and has a break away feature that is a thought full feature. I was able to install an under the visor mount with no issue. Using a GoPro Session is great and never drags down the visor.

Protection hasn’t been tested to its fullest. I haven’t taken a head impact yet and hope I won’t learn the limits of this helmet.

Overall I love this helmet. Fit, function and aesthetics are spot on for me. Couldn’t be happier.

Pros –

  • Craftsmanship is amazing
  • Built in GoPro mount
  • Great visibility
  • Weight(very light)

Cons –

  • Fit, tight (but maybe due to an issue with my head shape)

Price $400

Information from Bell website.


  • Breakaway Screws
  • Eject® System ready
  • Flying Bridge Visor™
  • Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount
  • Integrated Eject® Compatibility
  • Integrated Roost Guard
  • Integrated/Removable Camera Mount
  • Lightweight Full Carbon Shell
  • Magnefusion™ Removable Magnetic Cheekpads
  • Overbrow Ventilation™
  • Padded Chin Strap with D-Ring Closure
  • Soundtrax™ Speaker System
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation™
  • XT-2® Extended Wear Interior



1130 Grams


10 vents, 3 brow ports


  • ASTM F1952-00
  • ASTM F2032 (BMX)
  • CE EN1078
  • CPSC Bicycle

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