This tool conjures memories for me. Last time I had this tool in my hand was in late 1991 and I had started to work at Carver Cycles which later turned into Fat Dog Cycles. Rest in peace Penguin. Back then I thought a cone wrench was were the buck stopped with proper high end bicycle tools. I thought it was near magic the first time the owner Lou showed me what this thing could do for a bicycle. That magic continues on today.


After this holiday season and a few Amazon gift cards later I ordered this for around $70. It’s been awhile since I used this tool, I found the Park instructional video helpful but to be honest the tool is pretty self explanatory.

I try and maintain my bike as close to perfect as possible and to be honest I did think I would find any big issues with any of my bikes. All my bikes work as expected and shift well. What I found was amazing. Not only were all my bikes out of aliment they were way off. After making the aliment changes and making a few simple adjustments to the shifter cable on one bike I discovered I didn’t need to replace my derailleur. Which I had been planning on doing this Spring.

Simply put my bikes are working better since using this tool. It’s a little pricey but any good problem solving tool can be. Unless the wheel size war continues and wheels get bigger then 29 inches I’ll have this amazing tool for a long time and keep the magic alive.

Pros –

  • Quik and easy to setup
  • Save money by after a few successful uses instead of bringing to a shop.

Cons –

  • A little pricey and may collect dust if you only have one bike and don’t change bikes a lot. Cheaper knock offs out there, but as usual you get what you pay for.

Cost – $74.95 MSRP

Information from Park Tool’s Site below.

Link to Park’s website and information about this tool.

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