Riding – New Year with the BFDS crew, starts with a session.

First ride of the year and we agreed to take more time to develop our skills and confidence.

Justin picked this rock to play on today. As always the video does little justice of what is going on here. The rock is 4 to 4.5 feet tall. The side Justin needs to ride up first isn’t a give me here either. He had to manage speed and slippery rock. The three of us figured out the best spot for him to come over the top and roll down the spine. Oh…Justin would first need to climb this rock and turn left at the top to find the spine to roll down. We guessed that was somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 degrees. Before rolling down the spine there is about a 2 foot vertical drop. He is going to need to control the speed that got him to the top and then creep over the edge.

These are unedited videos, I thought the commentary between myself and Josh was interesting.


First attempt.


Second attempt.


Final shot


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