Review – Bell Full 9

This is a mid term(three months) review of the Bell Full 9 carbon helmet. I opted for the matte black in size large. I used the sizing chart they supplied and measure my dome out to be 23″. Upon receiving the helmet I found it was tight and hurt my head almost instantly. I sent the large back for a extra large and the fit was almost perfect. I do have a an egg shaped skull and find the helmet still a little tight getting into the helmet. The liner wants to rotate out of the helmet if I’m not careful. After my first ride with the helmet on my head made a perfect home in this helmet.

At a msrp of $400 you expect a high functioning and high end looking product. The Full – 9 delivers on looks all day long.

With googles in place there is nothing to limit visibility. Plenty of room to move them around and find the viable sweet spot.

The removable magnetic cheek pads are great for easy removal if you wanted to hand wash or replace. They sell 35mm and 45mm cheek pads thicknesses.

The built in GoPro mount is great and has a break away feature that is a thought full feature. I was able to install an under the visor mount with no issue. Using a GoPro Session is great and never drags down the visor.

Protection hasn’t been tested to its fullest. I haven’t taken a head impact yet and hope I won’t learn the limits of this helmet.

Overall I love this helmet. Fit, function and aesthetics are spot on for me. Couldn’t be happier.

Pros –

  • Craftsmanship is amazing
  • Built in GoPro mount
  • Great visibility
  • Weight(very light)

Cons –

  • Fit(but may be an issue with my head shape)


Price $400

Information from Bell website.


  • Breakaway Screws
  • Eject® System ready
  • Flying Bridge Visor™
  • Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount
  • Integrated Eject® Compatibility
  • Integrated Roost Guard
  • Integrated/Removable Camera Mount
  • Lightweight Full Carbon Shell
  • Magnefusion™ Removable Magnetic Cheekpads
  • Overbrow Ventilation™
  • Padded Chin Strap with D-Ring Closure
  • Soundtrax™ Speaker System
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation™
  • XT-2® Extended Wear Interior



1130 Grams


10 vents, 3 brow ports


  • ASTM F1952-00
  • ASTM F2032 (BMX)
  • CE EN1078
  • CPSC Bicycle

Reviewed – 7 IDP Flex Knee Pads

Seven Intelligent Design Protection, known as 7 Protection or 7 IDP. I have been wearing the Flex Knee pads for three months. I have done a downhill race with a full day of practice, a few days at Highland bike park which included a demo day which included some pedaling on a Capra and a few hike – a – bike shuttle runs. They have their own style to their product line and the color scheme is decent.


For the fit, using their website for fit recommendation and measurements were perfect and I bought an XL. I am medium/large build 6 feet tall,  215lbs. On the inside of the top and bottom edge of the knee protection there is this clear grippy strip that does a great job of securing to thigh and calf keeping the protection where it should be. The adjustment straps do a good job of customizing the fit on the calf and thigh, the best fit found them to be slight snug anything more was uncomfortable. The one at the top of the calf was the most sensitive to being over tightened. The only time they moved was after the initial knee bend. I noticed their secure fit mostly while pedaling around the YT Capra, I will admit though I would want them on a long XC pedal though.


For the protection, I only had one notable crash that included knee contact with anything. It was a strange exit from my bike going through a high berm and speed. The backend washed out going though the berm ejecting me high side over and across the bike. My inside knee hit the frame and then bars as I grew apart from my bike. The protection didn’t move off my knee and the side protection which may be they I would want to pedal around with these to long was the nice surprise here. The inside of my knee should have been wrecked but was spared nicely.


Pros –

  • Stays in place on leg even with moisture(rain, sweat)
  • Price
  • Customizable fit, easy to adjust.

Cons –

  • Warm, they do feel like they lack venting.
  • Calf strap can feel like it might irritate when new, needs time to break in.


7IDP info from website

Price – $69.99


Two layers of protection covered by a tough outer fabric make for a flexible and hardwearing pad. Shaped to fit the knee in a riding position you will forget the pads are there.


Our centre strap system means even pressure around the lower thigh and a second strap sitting above the calf muscle means everything stays where it should.


Maintaining airflow and reducing any sweat build up is a key feature for kneepads. The Flex pads have an open back section to allow sweat to evaporate away.

Reviewed – Incipio Switchback iPhone Case

I have never been a wallet guy, at the same time I don’t like the design flip over style wallet cases for iPhone that look like little notepads. I like aesthetically pleasing designs that still look like a simple iPhone case. This case solves my lack of wallet and the need to pay for items and flash an ID now and again.

Installing the case is very simple, the iPhone slides into the case very easily. But has never fell or popped out. Opening the switchback in also very easy. With the spec’d 3 credit cards there is room for them to slightly rattle around which would slowly drive me nuts. Which is where my drivers license comes in. With the 3 credit cards and ID I can access everything easily and quickly and not have to worry about anything falling out. The case is very slim and while in a pocket it feels very minimal. Access to the volume switch and controls are easy and straight forward and the same goes for the power switch. Protection, the leading edge around the glass good along with surprising corner cushioning.

Over all a well designed iPhone case with very good protection and high function with the hidden wallet.

Pros –

  • Easily fits 3 credit cards and an ID.
  • Slim, compact simple design.
  • Good corner protection.

Cons –

  • Everyday use has worn the soft touch finish off the corners.

Price – $39.99

Features and Tech Specs from

  1. Stealth rear compartment holds up to 3 credit cards or IDs and allows for easy docking
  2. Rugged co-molded design offers reliable drop protection in a sleek and slim profile
  3. Sturdy living hinge technology allows for long-lasting use of the rear compartment
  4. Include a thin, applicable protector for the rear of your device to shield against scuffing
  5. Drop tested 7 ft.


  • Length 5.6 inches (142.24 mm)
  • Width 2.75 inches (69.85 mm)
  • Weight 0.09 lb (1.44 oz)
  • Depth 0.54 inches (13.72 mm)