Review – 2016 Azonic Cockpit Complete

It’s usual to review a complete drivetrain so I wanted to take a look at Azonic’s front end the same way, as a complete group. So the bits we are looking at will be the following in two different environments; riding and racing.

Here are the specs:

Azonic grips with an extra gluey surface for maximum bike control,Anodized Aluminum lock-ons,Designed for maximum grip, Grip length: 130mm,Allen Screws to fix the lock-ons,Comes as grip set with lock-ons and plugins

FLOW 1″ BAR 800mm – BLACK – 1′
Double-Butted 7050-T6 Aluminum, 31.8mm clamp size, Anodized,  Marked for custom cut length, Width: 800mm with 1″ rise, Upsweep: 5° Backsweep: 7°,Weight: anodized 350g, paint 365g

CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum Laser etched logos 31.8mm bore diameters 1 1/8 Inch steerer clamps 40mm extension 38mm stack height 0° rise Weight: 195g including screws Weight per screw: 6g

So the general setup is on an All-Mountain solution. Daily cross country rides a few trips up north to lift access heaven and the occasional race of one type or another. 

After mounting up everything which was easy to due to all the mounting tick marks. I took the fresh cockpit out on some late Winter and early Spring riding here in the Northeast. The Riot stem being 40mm sets the rider up for what was a very comfortable position and even better when the ground tips away from you. The grips were a really easy transition as well. The size and tackiness were very comfortable while out on training rides.

The next test was racing. Stress of race pace and unfamiliar trails can bring hand and arm pump/fatigue into play. The sweep and rise combined with the shorter stem made for a transparent.

I finished the race with fresh hands and forearms and plenty of strength to raise pint with my fellow podium mates. 

Overall I would still consider this a short term review but feel I have put this Azonic product group through its paces. I’m very please with the performance and comfort I found with this combination and look forward to the up coming Enduro race. Hand pump, you have been put on notice.

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