Article – Used

It’s been a long time since I have bought a new bike, late 2007 to be exact. Since then the access to used bikes has grown and become an expectable way to source your next bike. Online forums and classifieds like; Pinkbike, BustedSpoke, eBay, Ride Monkey, Craiglist and now Facebook. Trust is the biggest factor for me, price is second. Many times you will find a good deal but it will come with a 14 year old that needs to get permission first to use someone else’s PayPal to complete the transaction. So there is a wee bit of profiling when searching for the next bike. And there is always a next bike. Along with the search or hunt come the process of the deal. With fixed priced cars this might be one of the few opportunities to test your price haggling skill out. This skill can be honed but for me is always hard, being willing to not get the deal and walk away from the bike is a challenge to separate.

The used bike market at times for me and others I know looking for a good deal can be a daily activity that is shared and enjoyed. Most would agree the used market is needed do to the cost of the current dream bikes out and their dreamy prices. With many mid range complete bike in the $3000 range and higher, new is out of the question with little kids running around and single incomes. If it wasn’t for the used market many of us would be riding some very out bikes with older technology and maybe not enjoying ridding as much.

Could the used market be as important as the new market, maybe. Maybe even a bit more.

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