Reviewed – TRS+ Seatpost Install


90cA8A3bQoWo1oPuxG0brQWhen I built up my 2014 Pivot Mach 6 Carbon almost everything was brand new or purpose bought for the bike. Everything except the drop post, the Command Post was something just laying around and for the most part it basically worked. Every now and again I would need to put some air in it and re-grease once a year. I bought the E.thirteen seatpost with 125mm drop, and lever kit to replace everything. I have been running their bash guards, guides, tires and chainrings for years with little to no issues. Moving to this full mechanical designed seatpost intrigued me. 39HUDMnsRwWbYs5HRxZyHw

I was a fan of the minimalist KS lever but never a fan of the lever working minimally.



To start off with I removed the old stuff, and stored my seat for later use. Beginning with carefully detaching the lever from the bar and pulling the seatpost out of the frame.


Thinking ahead a bit, I thought I would try a pull string to help bring the new cable through after removing the old cable and housing.


Having the cable start at the seatpost is interesting. At the very least it allows connecting the cable and installing the post and at which point you are done with that end of the bike basically, which is just fine with me.


Little indicators on the seat mount hardware inform which way they go. Always work front to back.


The Hive does a nice job with clean engineering. Everything well made and almost intuitive for assembly.


The clean SRAM Matchmaker mount looks and works so nice. Also, the lever has adjustability. So you can mount on the cam where it is the most comfortable for your thumb position.

The lever has a very natural feel to it, the grip tape is a nice touch too.


Fit and finish looks good. E.Thirteen added a set of indicator marks on the seatpost on the front side to assist in the adjusting of post height. Making small changes very easy.


Bars are nice and clean now, the OCD person approves.


Overall this was a very satisfying project and update to this bike. Because I think I lucked out and got the cable snaked through on the first try I would say my effort level on this was about a 4 or 5 on a 1 – 10 scale. Since this is a mechanical seatpost with a spring, I had no idea the speed with which the post would return. Compared to my air sprung post this is slow and took a little time to adjust to that. As well as the post has static drop points, 125mm-95mm-65mm-0mm. I was pleased with the stop points as my previous post only had three points. Even though only having one more drop point then before it did make me want more or infinite stop points.

After install and riding on this post for a few weeks I felt like the post was almost wiggling and wiggling too much. I checked all the bolts and torque spec. The post did have some twist, as much as 1/4 inch. I contacted E.Thirteen support about this and they said some movement is normal. They asked me to remove the seat and find the 8mm hex on top of the seatpost and check that it was tight. It wasn’t loose, but it did need to be tweaked. The movement after that was more reasonable.

Pros –

  • SRAM Matchmaker compatible
  • Easy of install

Cons –

  • Static drop points compared to some products.

Cost – $279

Information from E*Thirteen’s Site below.

Diameters 30.9 or 31.6
Travel 170mm – 4 positions: 170-150-100-0
150mm – 4 positions 150-110-80-0
125mm – 4 positions 125-95-65-0
Mechanism Spring loaded cam
Lever Shifter style paddle, bar clamp and matchmaker compatible
Colors black
Weight 540g – 170mm (post only)
570g – 150mm (post only)
490g – 125mm (post only)
65g (1x lever)

One thought on “Reviewed – TRS+ Seatpost Install

  1. My E13 dropper was not perfect, I will update my review some day, and write and show what I mean. but if you looked at my instagram you might have seen what I mean.


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